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Friday, April 20, 2012

Food security and safety is very critical in ensuring healthy society. Many economies are still struggling in enforcing laws to make sure food producers adhere to the safety standards, end up with many consumers died and suffered from the defect products. What happened in China recently prove the fatality of these food products that contain excessive level of chemical contents or subtances used that are beyond our imagination such as old shoes and paper.

Stern punishment needs to be imposed on those producers who have betrayed the public by contaminating their food production with all these 'unacceptable' substances. Public should not be victimised by the 'it's ok' attitude from the producers that are only thinking of making fast bucks through cheaper ways.

In case of China, for those who can afford, they can switch to imported food products that are supposed to be of high quality and possess strict quality control. But what happen to consumers that do not have such affordability and live in rural areas, they do not have much choice or they even are not aware of the food safety issues that becoming more serious in the country. Awareness programmes should be undertaken especially in rural areas folks so that they are more cautious of food items that have problem and avoid using them.