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Thursday, September 1, 2011

It has been awhile since my last posting. Everybody is still in Hari Raya mood and the celebration will continue for the whole month of September. What I can see everytime Raya comes is that there are so many types of kuih Raya or cookies sold in the bazaar or market or even high end supermarkets and shopping malls. When I was small, I remember my parents will start making Raya cookies as early as the first week of Ramadhan or fasting month but nowadays that they have catch up with age, most of cookies are bought by the children that have grown up working and have less time to make their own Raya cookies.

My thought is that these Raya cookies shall not only target for Hari Raya but can also be promoted throughout the year as normal cookies that can be enjoyed by the locals as well as foreigners and tourists. These Raya cookies can also be exported overseas and I believe that with proper market research, Raya cookies can go beyond local borders. I have seen some of local entrepreneurs that able to export Raya cookies and this can also serve as another source of revenue for small and medium size entrepreneurs.